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Go Green

How Do I "Go Green" With My RV?

This really a broad question but for some it's simply enjoying nature and getting back to TRUE camping. Just you (or your family) and the great outdoors.

For others, it's utilizing resources to help out the environment. How can Arizona RV Supercenter help you "Go Green?":

  • RV Solar Powered Panels - Save gas and keep that generator off!


  • Convert To Propane Power - Propane burns cleaner with much less CO emissions than gasoline.


  • Install a Propane Catalytic Heater - Your RV furnace uses electricity to run the blower and propane for heating. A PCH uses zero electricity, provides heat, and will save you battery power, reducing generator run time.


  • Convert To LED Lighting - LED lights draw very little current saving you once again, generator run time. Use LED's in your home and in your RV!


Call today for additional "Go Green" alternatives for your RV'ing lifestyle!  480-649-4466

Go Green With Your RV

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